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Every gay bar or club is something distinctive. Neither OnClub Prague is no exception. currently time is after complete reconstruction. You can find him at Prague 2 - Vinohrady. This gay club has three floor, five separate bars and a café on the ground floor. Opening hours are 7:30 to 5:00 p.m. and after 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 every day, 365 days a year (rarely happens, it would be Closed, it usually is a maintenance reasons). On Club Prague daily visited by hundreds of people, whether they are local or people who will spend their holidays. Often, only happens that Here you'll find someone from another part of the world and if you speak English, so you can from them many things to learn. The café, which is located on the ground floor, you can order breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here you can go sit with friends and then give something good to eat. It is interesting that you can book a room for several people to watch on TV projection to be football or hockey games. Quality staff On Club Prague will take care of you all the time Your visit and you will be thoroughly enjoyed the program on which you watch.

You will not have no worries. Managers who are responsible for this business, seek only known and experienced DJs who are known throughout Europe. Discos mainly play charts the present time, but occasionally play a bit of the 80 or 90 years. Sometimes it is not bad to remember the good old hits that listening to the previous generation. This is perhaps the reason On why the company was Club Praha as the best "business party" of the year in this area.


On Club in Prague is of course not the only gay club music, but you can go to have fun, there are a number of straight, most notably gay club Friends, which is considered from the perspective of the interior for one of the best gay clubs in Prague. Other clubs worth Mink gay club Stage, which is one of the newer ones, as well as in Prague is also known gay club Fenoman, Saints bar or club 21st It should also be sure to state that only a few steps from the Prague Club He is a renowned gay Club Termix, which is in some ways very similar, but finds there are also a few small drawbacks. In particular, it is, There are no open from Monday to Sunday, but opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday only. Furthermore, the Club Termix a much smaller space. You will not find a café that would have provided quality Meat dishes, which can truly be missed especially when you're on the dance floor an hour and you get hungry. Club Termix Prague also has a small selection of drinks compared to other big clubs, but a good drink to bartenders here do absolutely always. Wifi coverage is not available here, especially in this day and age, when we rely on electronic devices that can be connected to the Internet, not much good news. Given that both companies a few feet away, you can try to see how Termix Club Praha, which after our club definitely recommend and On Club the same day and then decide where you feel better, and where better program offers a Next time you'll know where to go.

I firmly believe that you choose OnClub Prague. Other The disadvantage of several competing club not mentioned here is that they are not in good VIP areas that require the highest level of comfort and privacy. The Termix Prague have both quality VIP room and also offers other services elsewhere nenejdete. If you are coming to Prague for a short time and want to one day really enjoy it, then do not risk anything and go for certainty which offers just OnClub Prague who is most knowledgeable about the industry. Another important thing which you must look at is whether If the company has a sufficient number of parking spaces. The Termix Prague and the Prague Club He can not be so easily park, there's a blue zone, it is recommended to use public transport, both of which are very close to the business.

ON Club Praha coffee house
ON Club also offers a café with great quality coffee and other beverages.

Finally, it is important to note that not every gay friendly company, which is located near the center Prague, guarantees high quality. Many companies are only defines excessive prices for inadequate services because they think they can afford it, but over time people here as well stop coming. Termix Club certainly is not entirely a bad thing, there are many things to excellent, but there is still a lot of what needs to be improved. Even small board at the end, always Identify carefully about the company as much information companies that have created detailed Web sites are often suspect at best and it is good to avoid them. Avoid any possible theft of your valuables or even some conflicts.

Among other famous popular gay clubs and gay bars are Club 21 Prague, friendly and cozy club Latimerie, gay club Shooter Praha, is also very popular Jampadampa or known gay bar Heaven bar & Heaven shop & Heaven cinema, there is also a popular gay Alcatraz club, club and intimate Piano Prague, Sauna Bonbon, and also Sauna Marco and many others. Gay bars and clubs in Prague are always expected level, is certainly plenty to choose from.

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