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Perhaps each firm chooses depending on what the program offers, it is absolutely obvious. Gay Club On Club Praha offers you the interesting and varied program for at least every Friday and Saturday party or event, making it surely will be well entertained. If you choose On Club program, then you can be assured that you will not be bored, let you enjoy anything. We had the program regularly. We now see two basic large dance floors, so we can offer daily two different programs. These programs have different admission fee, it depends on who takes care of the entertainment, whether it is a renowned DJ, which has events across Europe or DJ who is known only in the Czech Republic. Especially when it is During the holidays be like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and we find the On Club actions focusing on these holidays. Our visitors come, therefore, for an example in some sort of costume or painted. Focus on costumes or makeup is always in advance listed on our website. On every On Club party you will operate friendly staff, who will try to meet all your requirements. Typically, these events attended by several hundred people, so if you are going to get acquainted, then you likely to be successful.

In our gay music club On Club would like to abide by our visitors what they want, and therefore regularly we polls where you can choose what will be the next On Club program, and we accordingly match. You will not find anything old-fashioned, as we follow the latest global trends, it is indeed the reason why come to us and many people spend in Prague their holidays abroad.


On average the center action made so that one floor livelier music and on the other the slower, where a little "rest". If the some famous birthdays or celebrating an anniversary, surprise your partner or friend and check in our coffee and cake to prepare this extraordinary event to celebrate on On Club party. DJ play a few songs at will the guest of honor and courtesy will also get a free drink! If you purchase the VIP ticket, then you have access to one part of our gay club where he plays another DJ for a limited number of people! At this Tickets can take another person with you to be acquainted during our action and you can kind of dance in private, where not many people on the dance floor and the do not push it. OnClub actions are actually very colorful, so you never happen, that You are bored. Always something new to surprise you and tune to the right frequency, Therefore you definitely want to be gone. On Club program also includes a projection TV movies various genres, mostly people of their choice through voting, what movie will run. During this time you should always have a mobile bar, so you no moment Movie escape.

If you do not have to do or want to celebrate any event, that is important to you and you are in Prague, or somewhere nearby, so our gay club Club On a party the right choice. Convince yourself that Prague is not only a historical city full of sights, but that offers quality entertainment that is modern and is comparable with the world!

Publikováno: 17. 10. 2023

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