ON Club Areas

Given that the Club premises On a completely remodeled a few years ago, so Here you will find a truly luxurious amenities, which can boast of few that gay friendly company. These Facilities include a cafe, which is on the top floor. You can enter up to 50 people and may be used differently sized tables, which can also connect so one table can i need to sit 20 people. On the Club environment is done in retro style, so throughout There are various cafe elderly subjects, which were typical for the time of our grandmothers and grandfathers. On each of the three floors of course there is a toilet, so you will not have to unnecessarily going from one floor to another. On Club premises on the first floor offers the largest dance floor, where they usually play modern hits, whether from home or from the world. In addition to dance floor is equipped with a modern bar, which offers a wide range of drinks and other beverages. The walls in our gay club are painted in bright colors and over the dance floor is a large disco ball that makes the right atmosphere, which is to be at every event. In every corner of the wall also a party lighting that constantly changes colors.

Right next to the dance floor is already mentioned Chillout zone into which fits about 50 people. Here you will also find a bar. These spaces are remade in the style of "The Beatles". There is a friendly bar staff and you Within moments serve some good drink. One floor above gay club offers something smaller dance floor, also with its own bar. This OnClub environment is in a futuristic style.


There are many high-quality LED technology, sound system throughout the building uses best speakers with high quality sound. The dance floor is small because that is next to a large room in which they can familiarize incoming visitors. There is therefore its own gay bar, walls and objects around in red and pink colors lighting here is very weak, so you have enough privacy on dating. In this room The sound slow music that creates a really nice atmosphere. Well, the top On the floor of the Club facilities created for VIP clients. In addition to the bar and toilets is again one small dance floor with a disco ball next to the comfortable leather seats, in which the You can sit and watch the show, which will just follow. On this Club environment is redesigned to style the latest trends in the USA. On the show you are watching only from a distance of several meters, so you will never nezaclání, comfortably seated and using them to always close and you see everything perfectly. All around is a lot of lights, speakers, and also ornaments, which, moreover, served in every floor. Next door is another room where you can watch mentioned projection TV, you can also order just for you and your friends.

Do not sit So already at home or anywhere in the hotel and come to prefer really fun to our fashionably equipped with a gay club, to bring its customers the highest quality of comfort and also great company. When we chose the equipment, so we see to it that made from the finest materials available, so you will feel at home.

Publikováno: 17. 10. 2023

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