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This part of the site is focused on Video On Club, which was formed during several years of our gay business. Some moments they can not be captured in photos and simply must make. That's why we offer you this part of our website where you will find as recent as well as older videos of different kinds of events and gay parties, which are organized by us. The videos are shooting with high-quality cameras that filmed in high quality. These videos are also relatively high sound quality, so you will not be disturbed while watching some noise as it is the lower quality and older cameras. On each video Club is in the course described some headlines that characterizes the action. For example, in them is written in what part are currently in, who participated in the speeches and the like. If you still have some significant gay party, then order professional videographers who both shoot and edit a video, and even then it somehow improves with various effects to videos of what had greatest experience. On Club Some videos are filmed in hours, when we had company closed on them and shot all spaces including a café, toilets, dance floor on both floors, dating room, and a VIP area.

Also, we have shoot all our gay bars, so you can see how our drinks prepared and what is uses them for drinks. If you have a hobby such as making different videos, can you a little video to improve and have a good camera, then contact us to arrange a shoot for us OnClub some video of the event that you want to participate and you can get from us a bonus in the form of free access or a drink.


All published On Club videos are free to watch for everyone through youtube.com, and also In addition, we also offer free download to your computer to keep it stored in case sometime in the future, these videos deleted. In the future, will want to look at some video of gay party you attended with us. With these videos, you also have a great opportunity find out what the company come to us, as these events take place about how our spaces and equipped us how many people on average attend. Home On Club video, which you can see, offers a comprehensive view of our business at a time when it was inaugurated. The video includes interviews of people who this company somehow manages and describe here what their goals are, what they want their visitors engage and the like. Video of the press conference a little over ten minutes and it contains many important information about this company that will allow you to easily decide whether you want this gay business visit or not, we can not guarantee that if gay club OnClub visiting Prague, you will definitely have fun, take us behind because their friends and acquaintances about the fun you will have in our care, including good music and a variety of mixed drinks.

Our company is constantly develops, and therefore if they do any major changes, whether it will change interior or preparation for future action, then you can be sure that you will find the actual video, where everything will be described in detail. Now is the time to throw, monitoring quality video that you tell us about absolutely everything.

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