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Every good company should have on their website a rich gallery of photos. Also or we are no exception. On our Club photographs are divided into several categories. For First you choose the year in which the photos were taken, and then you have to plow at each event, which were organized by us. From our gay club we try to choose the most interesting moments, so you can see what you can expect from us and how we talk here generally. On Club photos are in high quality, where you can see how many people visit us, and it looks as decoration, or equipment. You can also look at the photos that were taken before and after the reconstruction. You'll see how in a few months, the building has changed beyond recognition. On New Club Photos You can see just a few hours after the event, so you can see the really latest photos. If you are organizing a large and important event, so you bring current photo of the preparations and so you can easily decide whether this action you will want to visit or not. In addition, we have taken with all the facilities that our We have in depth details.

Since we do not hide anything, so we took pictures for you and areas to whereby only employees of the company. You will see, therefore, how it looks in our kitchen or the condition of the individual storage rooms. If you yourself shot some pictures of events that you attended and would like to share these photos with others, so we are simply Send via mail and we select, and we will publish.


Some On Club Photo Gallery Indeed, they are so interesting that we decided on some of the walls of our gay club expose the decorative photo frames. You can look at them to be before you start program. Thus, one could say that photography is one of our essential decoration. In the case of some larger events, which is more important preparation we paid and professional photographers who immortalizes interesting moments that played with us, and you are then you will be able to simply viewed here on the website. If stadhuis us, we can for small fee supplied CD, which will be photos of events, which have not been disclosed. So you can do interesting relic of gay parties, which are attended with us. In a few years these photos certainly like to look at and going to talk about you afterwards, as you have been with us and generally in Prague nice and it really lived here! On our photo gallery Club are very clear and each photo is individually described. Indicated on the form in which it was taken, in which part of how the action named and the like. You do so by a large number of photos you will not lose and always know what was at stake.

A little interesting at the end. One section of our photos that you see here is dedicated to taking photos with guests who cared about the program during the event. So you can take a picture with DJ-em, the that you liked the way he played and with other actors who have made their viewers fun performances. All materials have with us under one roof, so take advantage and get to know, what is offered by our great and friendly business!

Publikováno: 17. 10. 2023

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