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Each company must offer this type undoubtedly the best possible drinks as they are an essential part of every party and event. Therefore, we have placed great emphasis for us bartenders were employed such that this activity is fun and is not afraid to experiment. They are trained, careful and never will not put in a glass less as in various bars in general often. For this reason, he drinks Club announced in Prague as one of the best. Offered beverages are divided into several categories and subcategories. Basically, these are soft drinks, which most women are buying, you will find a variety of 100% juices (strawberry, apple, pear, etc.) that do not buy from the supermarket, but from suppliers who these juices available on request only for us. On the gay Club drinks are available for a reasonable price. Given that worked for us for many bartenders who are really vigilant and their hands can really do magic, you will receive your ordered drink in a short time.

You'll also find On a high-quality alcoholic drinks Club, which are further divided into subcategories. They are cocktails and mixed drinks. We use both recipes that are typical for the Czech Republic, and recipes that are typical in exotic countries such as Pina Colada, Blue Lagoon, Mojito and the like. Also we have employed a bartender from abroad, which deals creating new drinks, so if you want to try something completely new that nobody else shall not drink, so he simply reach out.


Of course there is ice for each drink for free! Provided do not like mixed drinks, then you can buy some of the many kinds of liquor (Fernet, Jägermeister, Becherovka, etc.), Whiskey (Ireland, Scotland, and others), Cognac, Tequila, Metaxa and many others. On Club drinks are available in various price ranges. We are both classic local and foreign spirits at regular prices as well as premium brands that just can not buy somewhere, often many years old, and it is their taste truly exceptional and unrepeatable. Since a lot of customers happy spirits washed down with water or juice, so to selected drinks give water or juice of your choice for free. Other categories are hot drinks, where you will find different types of teas, coffees or even hot raspberries that actually pleasantly warm when us come from the outside cool. In our company we prefer particular beer brand Pilsner Urquell, which the Czech Republic is among the most popular one. We also offer other brands such as Champions and Heineken. Other important categories are wines that are classified as white, red and sparkling.

For sparkling wines will also find genuine Champagne, which is imported from France, so If you celebrate some extraordinary event will choose it. If you try our On Club drinks, and know that you get in the right mood, then you will enjoy much more music which will be accompanied on the dance floor. Finally, a small interest, on the We also have a drinks menu that changes regularly, when a certain price will usually pay 5 Drinks and because you will not have to think, what for you tonight. Our gay club OnClub Prague offers really good fun that goes hand in hand with quality drinks.

Publikováno: 17. 10. 2023

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